Jeanne d' Arc Living Magazine

issue: 4th Issue 2022 All about the Kitchen

Jeanne d´Arc Living is a small Danish company that is passionate about what they do.

Over the last 18 years, the publisher Jeanne d´Arc Living has published several books on interior design and creative books. For the past 13 years their own lifestyle magazine "Magasinet Jeanne ´Arc Living" keeps inspiring.  It is published 8 times a year, in 6 different languages. The magazine is a lifestyle magazine with a focus on interior design, creativity, recycling, ecology and home life in line with current trends. They bring creative do-it-yourself ideas, simple recipes and beautiful articles of inspiring homes, vintage furniture, nostalgic European garden designs and floral decorations - all in the French and Nordic country style with a modern and industrial touch. You will also occasionally find inspiring articles about events and travels to various destinations, including everything from visits to authentic French vineyards, to small, idyllic islands in Denmark. There are no conventional ads in the magazine. 

A beautiful and inspiring read, the way magazines used to be.