Once upon a time.........

Some days our story is about roses and butterflies, 
other days it's about rust and broken vines.
We make it up as we go along, there are no rules,
at least not this week anyway..

Grace of time & the Glory of today

We are everything that celebrates a beautiful home, from the broken and the aged, to the bold and the majestic. The details, the extra bits, the sparkles and the lace. The dust collectors and must haves - These are the things we dream about, the things we can't get enough of, the things we gathered and the projects we don't ever intend on finishing...because there is always something new just ahead....

Hi, I'm Tammy, owner, wife, mum, crafter, decorator, dreamer, project starter, not always project finisher, making it up as I go along...together with my husband Roger, we are Grace & Glory, found in The Living Room Collective, in beautiful Rotorua, New Zealand.

Our story started with a collective of 4 independent retailers, as The Living Room Collective in 2012, we shared a lease,  time, resources and energy to get us off the ground.  Our store, Grace & Glory,  has continued from that time, thanks to the Collectives humble beginnings and the wonderful following of our faithful customers.  We continue to grow and pursue this creative journey.

Fantasy and dreams fuel the soul. So we always dream to keep our souls alive with hope. Realising all the while we have been blessed beyond measure already.

Thank you for visiting us, we still can't believe you all came.

We would love to hear from you

Please email us with your thoughts and projects.  We love to see and hear how you are going on this creative journey.

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