IOD Paint Inlay | Morocco


IOD Paint Inlays are the artisanal version to decor transfers. They are NOT a decal, they are NOT a synthetic film, and they are NOT a decoupage.

When you apply an IOD Paint inlay, artisanal paint is embedded into the surface and the paint is removed, leaving an authentic painted design and a buttery, almost leather-like surface on your piece.

The results are visually interesting, texturally complex, and often inherently distressed. And as if once isn’t enough, you can often get a beautifully faded second impression, sometimes even a third! 

The paint formula is "active" until sealed. That means you can manipulate it and apply special techniquies or a custome touch before you seal your piece.

For best results with basic application, use a chalk-type paint that does not contain polymers(Polymer-based paints and topcoats can also be used, but the timing and resluts vary, so check out the IOD tutorials for tips and special technique videos.

Each pack consists of 8 sheets at 30 x 40 cm

Here is a sneak peak of the product: