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Ex Libris Oil Book Box

Ex Libris Oil Book Box

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A beautifully packaged gift for book lovers. A completely natural blend made up of plant extracts and essential oils which mimics the aroma of well-loved books. 

  •  Ex Libris can be used as an ingredient to make other book-scented products, such as candles, soy melts, soap, perfumes, body products, or add it to your scrapbooking projects etc. 
  • Used on its own, either diluted in a carrier oil as a perfume or used in an oil burner or aroma diffuser. 
  • Be Essentials, the markers of this fine product, partner with One Tree Planted to plant one tree for every product sold. 
  • The clever crafted book shaped box can be kept and used to store small treasures once the oil is finished. 
  • Each book box contains a paper tube housing a 10 ml glass bottle of fine oil

What does it smell like you ask?  Inhale deeply, and be transported to a cosy room with flickering firelight playing over well-thumbed books and leather-bound classics. Here, you are surrounded by doors to other worlds, hidden in dusty pages and faded print. Lose yourself in books – this natural blend will take you there. Anytime, anywhere. 

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