IOD New Release Moulds 2023

IOD New Release Moulds 2023

IOD New Release Moulds 2023

New Product Release Spring 2023 Moulds Pinterest Pin

If you’re new to IOD Moulds, check out this post to learn all the basics.


Alright, cottagecore and fairy lovers, we think you are going to love this trio of Spring moulds! Our designs must be selected and completed many months before they actually get to you and it has been so fun to see similar design motifs popping up in some of our favorite places, like Anthropologie and Magnolia, to name a few. Needless to say, these moulds are very on trend this season! 

A bit about IOD Moulds: 

  • Made from food-safe silicone that is compatible with most casting mediums 
  • Designed with a proprietary micro-rim that makes getting a crisp, clean edge along the base of yoru design easy-peasy 
  • Measure marks so you know exactly how much casting medium to add (especially helpful for mixing resin) 
  • Designed with exquisite detail, you won’t find anywhere else 
  • BPA free  

Cake makers, cookie bakers, and sugar artists, these moulds are not just for craft and furniture! They are food-safe silicon and a favorite among sugar artists! 


Iron Orchid Designs Dewdrop Pond Moulds

This mould features beautiful critters that would complement any garden decor or botanical-themed furniture. They are absolutely adorable on flower pots, and oh how lovely they are combined with our other new release moulds. Just look at this sign by Ellen J Goods where she uses all three masterfully. And this woody neutral color palette just finishes it perfectly!

Iron Orchid Designs Dewdrop Pond Mould Hidden Hollow Toadstool by Ellen J Goods
Iron Orchid Designs Dewdrop Garden items illustrated by Lexi Grenzer Art


Iron Orchid Designs Toadstool Mould

We are so excited to bring you these yummy vintage mushroom moulds! Mushroom motifs are all the rage right now, so you definitely want to scope this one up. This fits great with botanic themes, and we know we’re going to see a lot of Spring garden items like birds houses and flower pots adorned with these!

Don’t you just love the darling little morels – the texture is so amazing! These mushrooms are also perfect for woodland themes and the cottagecore movement.  

Iron Orchid Designs Wall Toadstool Mould by Lexi Grenzer Art
Iron Orchid Designs Toadstool Mould plant stake


Iron Orchid Designs Hidden Hollow Mould

Ok…these tiny fairy doors just might take the cake!! We are just obsessed with them, and our kids are too! 

Use these doors for trending junk journals, Christmas ornaments, and garden decor. Paired with our Dewdrop Pond and Toadstool IOD Moulds, you really can create the most fantastic scenes like this imaginative fairy home made with an old shoe…can you even!?! Vintage Retail Therapy by Mara really outdid herself on this one!

And, of course, the details in these doors are just scrumptious. You really can’t find anything like this with anyone but IOD!  

Iron Orchid Designs Hidden Hollow Mould on a home sign

We’re inspired by the magic of this trio, and we know that your creative minds will take this to the next level! We also know this theme is sure to resonate across the ages, so definitely share these with your millennial and Gen Z kids and grandkids to get them inspired to make this Spring!  

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