Vintage stain is a waterbased wiping stain available in 6 tints.

It can be wiped onto bare timber to change base colour, or used over painted surfaces for antiquing effects.

  • Applied with a brush or cloth. When dry seal with vintage clearcoat
  • Touch Dry in min 30min
  • Recoat 2 Hours
  • Cure Time 24 hours

General Application:

  • Stir contents well
  • Apply with a lint-free cloth, brush or sprayer
  • When dry seal with a clearcoat

Bare wood staining:

  • Wipe bare wood with damp cloth and allow to dry
  • Sand surface with a medium grit and increasing to fine grit
  • Apply Vintage Stain liberally in direction of grain. Remove excess stain with a lint-free cloth to even finish


  • Pre-paint the surface and allow to fully dry overnight
  • Apply vintage stain liberally, allowinf it to settle in recesses.
  • Wipe off excess with lint-free cloth