Mason Cash | Mixing Bowl


The Mason Cash mixing bowls have a shallow shape, which is perfect for kneading bread and the white glaze interior makes it easy to see colour and consistency you mixture.

Select from 5 size options: 32cm, 29cm, 26cm, 24cm and 21cm

Ceramic, Dishwasher Safe and Microwave Safe.

Mason Cash has been the choice of home cooks and bakers for centuries. The origins of Mason Cash can be traced back to a pottery operating at Church Gresley in the heart of the English ceramic industry in 1800.

Church Gresley was located close to all the raw material and fuel sources required to make ceramics and had fantastic transport links to take finished goods all over the UK and the world.

Mason Cash had been producing mixing bowls during the 1800’s, but in 1901 they designed and manufactured the very first iconic Mason Cash mixing bowl.