Lily Elsie Moulded Torso & Plinth


This gorgeous piece by our resident Artistic Crafter Juliesgirl Shed is simply outstanding.  This unique hand moulded Mannequin has been delicately embleshed and painted to bring to life the English Actress and Singer Lily Elsie.

This Edwardian Era performer has become Julie's lates muse.  Best known for starring role in The Merry Widow.  Lily live a glamorous life in the theatre, becoming "The most photographed women in the word"  She was often on many postcards of the 1920s.  After her death an aquaintance was once quoted to say "she has entrance and captured our hearts...and Waltzers forever in our memories."  Lily Elsie 1886-1962

"Lily's beauty and fabulous dresses really inspired me, was a delight to the eyes."  Julie Goodman, Juliesgirl Shed

Julie has used a selection of Iron Orchid Design Moulds.  The 2 mostly used are the Trimmings Mould III and the Classic Elements Mould.  These can be found here

Total height on pillar 110 cm H x 43 cm W x 20 cm Deep

Pillar Height 47 cm H x 25 cm W

Torso Height 63 cm H x 43 cm W x 20 cm Deep

 Please note this item is excluded from Free Shipping due to its size and fragile nature.  It will incur $40 North Island and $60 South Island charge.