Lazy Victoire Tray


Lazy Victoire, a cultivated descendant from an aristocratic lineage fully meets her rank's requirements but unveils a raucous nocturnal temperament in the evening. On the piano, the elegant feline vanishes behind the wreath of smoke to play the part of an emancipated thinker for the span of an evening.

This is a smaller tray, used for serving guests, which can then be hung on a wall like art.

  • Made from a high pressure laminate
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Good heat and water resistance
  • Wall fixing included
  • Made in France
  • 44 cm H x 32 cm W

Ibride, the creators of this range, is a small family-run company with fertile imagination constantly pushing the boundaries of creation. Out of the ordinary, Ibride juggles between functional and emotional with vigour, connects the past with the present and creates ties between nature and culture to pay tribute to the infinite complexity of life.