Florence Pure Linen Aminals Napkins | Set of 6


Beautiful picturesque Wild Animals 100% Linen Napkins with a woodland vintage feel.

Deer, Wild Boar, Hare, Fox, Roe Deer and Wild Goat.

  • Highest quality washed linen
  • easy to care for, will not shrink
  •  softer with use
  • 100% natural linen that is a hypoallergenic material and is recommended for people having allergies or sensitive skin
  • Nature friendly & ethical:  linen textile leaves minimal nature footprint
  • Linen is one of the strongest natural fibres,  enjoy this item for many years
  • Product patterns made with safe, environmentally friendly dyes
  • Made in Europe

Size: 45×45 cm 

Pack of 6 napkins