Laguiole Cutlery - What's the big deal

Laguiole Cutlery - What's the big deal

You see it everywhere at all sorts of prices...How do you tell what's authentic and whats a knock off? 

Laguiole is a town in France known for it's knife making.  Thus "Laguiole" has become surnomous with French Knives and as this name can't be "protected" it is used to refer to any grade of knives.  Like many quality and luxury French  brands, there are now cheap counterfits produced all over the world, using parts made in Asia and shipped to France for assembly or simply manufactured in China.

 Our brand of Laguiole, Jean Néron, have been a family of knifemakers since 1899, they are made in Thiers, France. The materials they use are of impeccable quality and sourced exclusively from France. This includes high grade tempered stainless steel with rust resistance and each knife is manually assembled and riveted by hand at their factory. Their ABS plastic handles are dishwasher safe too. 

The authenticity is in the manufacturing of these knives and not simply the Bee emblem.  Many counterfiet copies will also only have a single blade, and no reinforcing of the blade through the handle.

Laguiole Bread knife

If there is one thing you buy from our store, the Steak Knives would be it.  I cannot tell you how sharp and perfect they feel in your hand. They glide through your food with the same grace as their shape. Once you own them, all you can think is why did I wait so long for these?  Mine go straight in the dishwasher and are still as sharp as the day I took them home.   They are a great wedding present, anniversary gift or "man" present, especailly those hard to please. A worthy investment.

Laguiole Steak Knives

The other piece I highly recommend to everyone is the Bread Knife! To all you sourdough makers and bread enthusiastis, this is knife you need to "saw" through that crispy crust and still maintain the beauty of your loaf.  A MUST have for any bread baker.

Laguiole Bread Knife

With each new shipment from France the cost of these beautiful pieces goes up.  Frieght and shipping costs seem to be here to stay with security disruptions as wars and pirates highjack the seas.   Who would think pirates were a thing to add to the mix. Don't let this treasure go if you can.

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