Finding Inspiration again

Finding Inspiration again

How do you do this? How do you find inspiration again, motivation, creative stimuli? So much has changed in the world and in us over the last decade. Fashions, trends and crafting, and with them we change too. What once bought such joy and enthusiasm has shifted, not necessarily died, but certainly not the passion of first love! I know I cannot live without passion, so I make every effort to find inspiration and the catalyist for my next creative pursuit.

This is where I have landed over the last few months, totally in love with the world of slow stitching and textile artistry. The art of gathering the discarded and making them new, with all their former life, death, holes, fraying edges, loose stitching and fading - all re-imagined into ART.

Slow Stitching and the craft has been around for a long time, but I’ve never tuned into it’s artistry. Mandy Pattulo was first to throw fuel on my smoldering embers. I have started gathering my own bits and small sparks of creativity are flying around my work bench. Will it eventually end up as anything tangible - I'm not sure? But its the beginning of creative inspiration again and I am excited.

Find more of Mandy’s work on her website here

How can we not fuel what what sets our hearts alive?


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