IOD New Release Stamps 2023

IOD New Release Stamps 2023

Spring Release Paint Inlays Iron Orchid Designs Pinterest pin cover If you’re new to IOD Stamps, check out this post to learn the basics.


Iron Orchid Designs Antiquities Stamp showcasing intricate and detailed characters

Remember our IOD Crockery Stamp? Well, that popular set is the inspiration behind this fun collection of characters and knob toppers. These vintage designs are so playful we’re sure you’ll get up to all sorts of things like wrapping paper, gift tags, notecards, inner drawer decorations, furniture…and so much more ( how amazing would a stamped doorknob look)! 

Iron Orchid Designs Antiquities Stamp presented in a gift wrapper


Iron Orchid Designs Antiquities Stamp displaying various birds and bees flying and perching on a branch

You asked for this! We listened. Beautiful vintage birds on whimsical branches. Bees from small to large! This classic motif is a lovely one to add to your collection. 

Look at the beautiful range of designs using the Birds & Bees IOD Decor Stamp below! From a gorgeous interchangeable chalkboard wall giving some seriously gorgeous Edgar Allan Poe vibes (by Lexi Grenzer Art) to bright and cheery Bee Mine Valentine’s (by the Cheerful Baker).

Iron Orchid Designs Birds and Bees Stamp featuring various birds and bees in flight, arranged inside a wall room by artist Lexi Grenzer
Iron Orchid Designs Bees Stamp designed by The Cheerful Baker


Iron Orchid Designs La Campagne Stamp with a countryside theme

La Campagne (or the countryside) just might be our all-time favorite florals ( we’re so fond of scrumply English roses with lavish layers of petals for days)! This would be perfect for a toile pattern. These classic designs are actual drawings from the 1700’s, and they are such a good example of our love of timeless design. We’re seeing some lovely kitchen items from these, tea towels, canisters, wall art and so much more! Just look at how easily Old Maple Home dressed up this rustic tray with a simple stamp…we need it in our kitchen stat!     

These florals are also absolutely delicious for cake and sugar artists.

Iron Orchid Designs La Campagne Floral Stamp depicting kitchenware arranged by Old Maple Home

We hope you’re inspired by these creations…and there will be so many more to come! Be sure to join our Facebook Creative Tribe so you can be the first to see designs created by our community members. 

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Tammy Cowlishaw

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