Iron Orchid Design Paint Inlay

IOD Paint Inlay Release 2023


Find out all about the New Spring Release by Iron Orchid Designs in their own words: 

New Product Release: Spring 2023 Paint Inlays
If you’re new to IOD Paint Inlays, check out this post to learn all the basics.



Paint Inlays are an IOD exclusive product, which consists of a proprietary paint on a carrier sheet that gets inlayed onto your design, leaving just the paint embedded into your surface. There is nothing else like it on the market for an authentic painted look (other than painting it yourself!). If you are new to Paint Inlays you can learn more on our Paint Inlay 101 page
Paint Inlays are an artisanal product and like any new creative endeavor it may take you some practice to get the hang of if you are new to them…but once you do, there’s no going back! Melange from this release is a good place to start, since you can do several small projects. Or check out our Indigo Floral or Rose Chintz IOD Paint Inlays, which are the best Paint Inlays for beginners! 

IOD Paint Inlay Melange Showing the Art for the 8 Pages Included


  • 8 Full Sheets 
  • 12” x 16” 

We know so many of you loved the versatility of the limited edition Noel Paint Inlay from our 2022 Fall/Winter release, so we’ve carried that thought into our Melange Paint Inlay, which has plenty of opportunities for small decor. 

And you know that we always prioritize versatility, so this collage has also been laid out with large decor in mind for the perfect all-over eclectic pattern. This Vintage French Country is simply bursting with beautifully detailed art to adorn wherever your imagination takes you! 
The Melange Paint Inlay is also lovely for watercolor painting! Paint Inlays are water activated until sealed, but we found that the water-coloring worked just fine without disturbing the design, unless that was desired, in which case you can simply create friction with the brush to reactivate the Paint Inlay and distress as desired.

IOD Melange Paint Inlay on a Frame
IOD Summer Villa Paint Inlay Showing the Art for the 8 Pages Included


  • 8 Full Sheets 
  • 12” x 16” 

Are we allowed to have a favorite? This is it! This full-sized piece is inspired by the classic and timeless murals from the 1800’s and early 1900’s. They are so beautiful for French Country, Cottage, and modern interiors (yes, we are all chattering about how we will use them in our own decor!). 

When we choose designs for IOD we are always looking at how paint has been used on furniture historically, and bring forward motifs and usages that are timeless and sustainable. In fact, we are often inspired by furniture auctions where historical pieces are selling for thousands of dollars! You can then capture the essence of those historical pieces  in a way that is unique to you (priceless!).  

We vignetted the sides of this design so that it can fit on a variety of sized furniture pieces without feeling like the design ends abruptly. This design also makes a lovely wall mural or can be used across the canvas as Lexi Grenzer has created below. Use in part, or whole, you just can’t go wrong with this one.  

Elegant white dresser IOD Summer Villa Paint Inlay
Project image provided by Jami Ray Vintage for virtual display
White vintage table with IOD Summer Villa Paint Inlay


Tammy Cowlishaw